How Has Twilight Affected You?

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I will admit at first, I didn’t know what Twilight was or had even read the book but it seemed to be a huge deal to everyone else. A cousin of mine told me, “You have to check out this movie Twilight and this guy in it is so hot.” I was curious because I had seen the previews but didn’t know exactly what  it was so she let me borrow the movie so I could see it….oh my God, what did I do that for?

I went from not knowing a thing about the Twilight Saga to reading all the books, keeping track of when the next movie would be out, any news that even mention Twilight or the people from the movies, I knew about it and writing this lovely blog about everything I could possibly find on Twilight.

Kristen, Robert and Taylor have done an amazing job bringing this world to life for us on the big screen. Stephenie Meyer has written a story that will take its place with other classic love stories of its time. Vampires and werewolves take on a whole new meaning and take us to a different world of imagination.

Breaking Dawn, both parts, will be amazing. I think it will smash records from theaters to DVD sales and I would hope that they would put it on DVD because there will be a lot of people really, really upset. The Twilight Saga is a beautiful love story that will go on forever and I will continue to follow these characters because they have ‘imprinted’ on my life and the billions of fans worldwide and only people who have seen the movies or read the books will get what I’m saying.

I will be sad to see this story end but if I want to relive this story all over again, I can pop in a movie or read the entire series again and again. Thank you to everyone involved for bringing this story to life for us.

Kristen Stewart Brings Some Classic Hollywood Glamour To Vogue

Article Written by Chris Ryan, MTV Buzzworthy Blog


Photo Credit: Mario Testino / Vogue


Kristen Stewart is about to have a big year, even by Kristen Stewart’s standards. Not only will the 20-year-old actress begin to wind down the “Twilight” franchise with the first installment of “Breaking Dawn,” she’ll also appear in a film adaption of one of the most iconic novels in American literature: “On The Road.”

By way of promoting these projects–as well as her intention to do something altruistic with all that “Twilight” cash–Stewart is appearing in the upcoming issue of Vogue. And, frankly, she looks dynamite.

The above shot is one of the outtakes from the Mario Testino-photographed shoot. On first glance, Stewart reminds us of classic Hollywood beauties like Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor. However, on further review, another face came to mind:

Photo Credit: John Kopaloff / FilmMagic

Hey girl! No one woman should have all that Bettie Page swag, Katy Perry. It’s only fitting that Kristen Stewart gets to try it on for size.

Check out the rather compelling Vogue feature on Kristen Stewart as well as a great photo gallery here. Kristen Stewart’s issue of “Vogue” hits newsstands on Jan. 25.

BIG ‘Breaking Dawn’ News: Producer Wyck Godfrey On Where Two Films Will Split, Bella-Edward Sex and More!

Fan Art from Fan Pop User: sapherequeen

Article Written By: Amy Wilkinson, MTV Movie News

Finally! Someone is answering our most burning questions about “The Twilight Saga“‘s two-part finale, “Breaking Dawn.” ProducerWyck Godfrey recently sat down with USA Today to address fan queries, including where the two films will split, how the honeymoon scene will stick to a PG-13 rating (ooh la la!) and the logistics of the grisly birthing scene.

We’ve long suspected “Breaking Dawn: Part 1″‘s closing moments would revolve around Bella’s transformation into a vampire—whether hinting at what was to come or showing an actual bloodsucking glimpse. Well, Wyck has confirmed our suspicions saying, “We basically want to take the audience through the emotional part of Bella’s journey as she becomes a vampire. The first part will cover the wedding, the honeymoon and the birth.” The first film will end right before Bella turns (meaning director Bill Condon might be able use some of our closing scene suggestions!).

But let’s be honest, we can quibble and speculate all we want about the films’ dividing point, but what we really want to hear about is Bella, Edward and all those feathers. Wyck was quick to emphasize that “Breaking Dawn”‘s Isle Esme sex scene will NOT be something worthy of Skinemax. “It does not become soft porn,” he said. “It is a legitimate and important part of the movie, romantic and sensual.” And really, that’s what we’ve always loved about “Twilight”—the romance. Though we’ll admit the “sensual” part is getting us pretty excited, too.

As creative and complex as the honeymoon scene will likely be, it sounds as though even more thought has been put into tastefully portraying the movie’s graphic birthing scene, in which Edward literally bites their baby out of Bella’s womb. Shudder. Thankfully, the film’s masterminds have devised an ingenious solution: It will be seen through Bella’s eyes. “She is looking through the haze, experiencing pain and everything rushing around her,” Wyck explained. “We only see what she sees.” In my mind, I’m envisioning something similar to Bella’s vampire venom-induced hallucinations from “Twilight.” Now, if only Robert Pattinson could be the soundtrack to this painful moment!

To read the entire Wyck Godfrey Q&A (including how filmmakers will handle the scenes told from Jacob’s point of view), visit

Breaking Dawn Part One Title Card Has Meaning

Photo By Summit Entertainment

MTV News Article written by Kara Warner

Keeping with the tradition and look of the first three films, “Twilight,” “New Moon” and “Eclipse,” this “Dawn” title card has the same font (its official name is Zephyr) that fans have come to know and love. And while the card for “Twilight” was red, “New Moon” was gold and “Eclipse” was shiny silver, this card for Part 1 of “Dawn” is a reddish orange — the color of, well, the sky as dawn breaks. According to Summit, each card has a unique color to reflect the tone of the story.

So judging from this intense color, what might we expect from the film that we don’t already know about? Those who’ve read and obsessed over Stephenie Meyer’s novels know that the conclusion to the “Twilight Saga” packed a punch, complete with a vampire transformation, a marriage, ababy and a battle.

I think that this ending will be epic and will be with us forever just like Bella and Edward.

Robert Pattinson On ‘Bel Ami’ Sex Scenes

MTV Article By Terri Schwartz, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

While the steamy sex scenes in “Remember Me” (March 12) might seem like a big shock to Robert Pattinson fans used to the chaste kisses seen in the “Twilight Saga,” the 23-year-old Brit said that they are nothing compared to the sex scenes he filmed for the drama “Bel Ami,” due out in 2011.

“There’s a lot of sex in [‘Bel Ami’],” Pattinson warned.

Photo: Copyright 2009 Splash News


Some of the previous rumors surrounding the film’s sex scenes are dubious, but recent reports that say Pattinson will be filming an orgy sequence for the movie all tie back to the fact that there is going to be a lot of explicit sex in “Bel Ami.”

“It’s a totally amoral character,” Pattinson said of the role in an interview with Variety, adding that he’s playing a different kind of character than his fans are used to seeing.

In “Bel Ami,” Pattinson plays journalist George Duroy in an adaptation of the 1885 Guy de Maupassant short story. Duroy climbs the ranks of Parisian society by seducing influential women, particularly Uma Thurman’s Madeleine Forestier and Christina Ricci’s Clotilde de Marelle.

“[The film] is like the complete antithesis of what you normally think period dramas are about,” Pattinson said, explaining that the era, Paris in the 1890s, is what dictates the different views on sex. “In Paris, everybody was just going nuts. It was like the 1980s. Sex was a kind of a weapon and a tool, and it’s odd.”

Pattinson added, “It’s incredibly different. The [sex scenes] in ‘Remember Me’ are pretty tender, and in ‘Bel Ami’ there’s something very mercenary about it in a lot of ways.”

New ‘New Moon’ Movie Posters

Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile but we are about a month and a half away from the premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon and starting now is my official countdown to the movie so I am preparing myself to bring you the latest news and photos and gossip about everything having to do with this movie. I have re-read New Moon and now I am re-reading Eclipse so I can be prepared for the biggest premiere ever!

Here are the latest movie posters!

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

New Moon Trailer 3 Exclusive from Last Night’s VMAs

Here is the 3rd trailer from New Moon opening in theaters Nov. 20. It is awesome!

“Meet Jacob Black” Official New Moon Trailer #2

This you have got to see! This makes New Moon even more amazing! Love this and this will be the best movie ever!

‘New Moon’ Star Jackson Rathbone Describes ‘Intense’ Birthday Scene

Photo: MTV News

Photo: MTV News

Article Source: by Larry Carroll

DALLAS — By day, he was a Hollywood hotshot, signing autographs and posing for pictures. At night,he became a rock star, fronting 100 Monkeys for a series of sold-out shows featuring catchy music, shrieking fans and a giant dancing banana.

If there were a king of TwiCon, it would be Jackson Rathbone. In between events, we caught up with the fan favorite to discuss Twilighter Nation, trying to kill Kristen Stewart and why destroying a baby grand piano hurt so good.

MTV: Jackson, we just saw you downstairs signing autographs for a huge line of fans. Any idea how many times you’ve signed your name today?

Jackson Rathbone: Wow, I don’t know. My hand is kind of cramped, so it’s probably a few. But it’s great, everybody’s so sweet, and it’s nice to get to see them one-on-one. You get that chance to connect with the fans. It’s so sweet.

MTV: What does it mean to see thousands of people who’ve spent hundreds of dollars to come here and pay tribute to your work?

Rathbone: It’s the most flattering thing. … You did a bit of work, some art that you believe in and you love doing, and to have so many people respond so favorably to it — that they loved your portrayal of a character that’s mythical — it’s a phenomenon. To be able to have all the fans of this book saying that I brought Jasper to life for them, that’s what I’ve always wanted to do. Whenever I was a kid in theater, that’s what I strived to do. It makes me feel like I’ve actually accomplished something, and I’ve just got to thank my fans for that.

MTV: There are a lot of Twilighters downstairs looking forward to November’s “New Moon.” How’s it looking?

Rathbone: It’s gonna be crazy, man. We’re going deep into the werewolf world now, and you know, there’s a little attack by a certain somebody. [Smiles.]

MTV: Yeah, we saw you in the trailer, jumping at Bella.

Rathbone: You saw a little bit of it in the trailer; you didn’t see the whole thing.

MTV: There’s more to the birthday scene?

Rathbone: Yeah, there’s a little bit more violence. It’s definitely longer. It’s really about the moment where Bella is realizing what kind of world she’s into. We spent the entire time with “Twilight” delving into the vampire world, but now in “New Moon,” it’s like you’re in the vampire world, and what happens when you get a paper cut? What happens when everyone you love turns around on you and suddenly could kill you? She’s in that world right now, and she’s kind of scared by it. She’s also getting into the werewolf world, and suddenly she’s got these two new worlds on her — and there’s love in both. It’s an amazing script.

MTV: The birthday scene is certainly a very pivotal moment in the “Twilight” universe. Kellan, Peter and others have told me they had to restrain you during takes. How method did you get?

Rathbone: Yeah, I was going pretty method. We choreographed it — so I wasn’t too worried about attacking Kristen — but I told the guys to hold me back, because you want it to look real. You want it to be as real as possible, because you want that to transfer on film, and you want the audience to feel that frightened sense that I gave Kristen. I felt really bad, man. There was a couple of moments where she was like, “I thought you were going to hit me that time!” I come so close; it’s pretty intense.

MTV: We also see you flying into the piano.

Rathbone: Yeah, there’s a grand piano. I felt bad about that — as a music lover, you can’t destroy a piano. It’s gorgeous. It’s begging to be played. But it looks good on film.

MTV: Did you do your own stunts?

Rathbone: It was a breakaway, actually. They wouldn’t let me hit the actual piano. I did everything but the landing in the piano. I hit Edward, he knocks me back. It was funny, when we were filming, they had stunt guys following me with pads because I had to run into Edward, and then as soon as we connected, I had to jump myself back … then they had a stunt guy crash into the breakaway piano, and then they cut to me coming up out of the piano and charging her.

New Photos of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner @ EW Shoot

All Photos Were Taken By Ben Watts for Entertainment Weekly

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Stewart-Lautner3_l

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Kristen-Stewart2_l

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Stewart-Lautner2_l

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Taylor-Lautner3_l

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Taylor-Lautner_l

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Stewart-Lautner_l

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Taylor-Lautner2_l

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Kristen-Stewart_l


All Photos Were Taken By Ben Watts for Entertainment Weekly

Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner Grew ‘Very Close’ Before ‘New Moon’ – Movie News Story | MTV Movie News

Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner Grew ‘Very Close’ Before ‘New Moon’ – Movie News Story | MTV Movie News

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Taylor Lautner with Fans Photo: Chris Polk/

Taylor Lautner with Fans Photo: Chris Polk/

Although there will be a little less Edward Cullen in “New Moon” — thanks to the relationship heating up between Bella and Jacob in the “Twilight” sequelRobert Pattinson didn’t mind.

“It was a stress-free job for three months,” the heartthrob told Entertainment Weekly for an upcoming cover story. “All the pressure was on Taylor.”

And Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob, did feel a lot of pressure. On top of making the leap to leading-man status in the flick, the teen also had to beef up to tackle the role of the rapidly growing werewolf. If he hadn’t, he would have lost the part to another actor, many of whom were clamoring to get in on “Twilight” fever.

“It’s completely understandable why they wanted to make sure he was right,” Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella, said about Lautner’s impressive transformation. “He was so young, 16, so I got it. But I knew he had it. Just because of how I felt around him. I literally saw Jacob in him.”


For more on this story, click the link on top of this page.

‘New Moon’ Newcomer Noot Seear Prefers Zack Morris To Robert Pattinson

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage

Photo: Jim Spellman/WireImage

Article Source: by Eric Ditzian

Model-turned-actress Noot Seear may be new to the“Twilight” world, but she is awkwardly familiar with the fanaticism so many teenagers display when it comes to Stephenie Meyer’s vampire trilogy and its tousle-haired heartthrob, Robert Pattinson. So who was the 25-year-old Canadian’s obsession back in her adolescent years?

“It’s too embarrassing, I can’t say,” she said during a interview.

Come on, how bad could it be? You decide: Seear, who will play Volturi vampire Heidi in “New Moon,” eventually confessed to sweating through a case of the teenage hots for Mark-Paul Gosselaar in “Saved by the Bell,” otherwise known as Zack Morris.

“I had posters, the whole thing,” she said. “I think I’m still a big Zack Morris fan. I’d probably freak out if I saw him at a party. What is that guy doing now?”

Well, Noot, he’s still hanging out with his old co-stars — just check out the latestcover of People. But back to Seear, and the way in which her life is going to drastically change when “New Moon” comes out in November — just as Pattinson’s did last year.

“I know it’s something Rob has been struggling with, because it happened so quickly to him and in such a massive way,” Seear said. “I like being able to walk down my street without being recognized, and I don’t like people knowing my business.”

Her first taste of the “Twilight” craziness came at Comic-Con last month. “People slept outside overnight just to get a glimpse of the cast, and then, you know, we go into this auditorium, and screen a clip of the movie, and the fans are just screaming, like, the loudest noise I’ve ever heard,” she said. “And the screaming would die down for a minute, and then Rob would brush his hair out of his eyes or something, and that’s all it would take for the screaming to start up again.”

While Seear hadn’t read the books before she auditioned, she’s been sure to study up since. “I read them on airplanes,” she said. “I think there’s something about flying that heightens emotion, because I was literally crying the whole way through each of those books. Flying and crying. I’m sure people thought I was crazy.”

French ‘New Moon’ Trailer Leaks Online

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in 'Twilight' Photo: Summit Entertainment

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in 'Twilight' Photo: Summit Entertainment


Source: by Amy Wilkinson

Francophile Twilighters lucked out Wednesday (August 12) when a “New Moon” trailer, entirely in French, surfaced on YouTube. The nearly two-minute clip, which gave fans their first video look at Dakota Fanning as Volturi vampire Jane, was later removed due to copyright claims made by Summit Entertainment.

The bootlegged trailer centered largely on the growing relationship between Bella (Kristen Stewart) and her shape-shifting friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner). Interspersed between “New Moon” footage were interview segments featuring 17-year-old Lautner.

” ‘New Moon’ is much more complex than ‘Twilight,’ ” Lautner said in the interview, dubbed over in French. “Edward’s leaving makes Bella deeply depressive, and Jacob becomes the friend on whom she can always rely. As time passes, you can feel the passion growing. ‘New Moon’ will really bring it up to a whole new level. There’s more action in this movie, especially with the intervention of the wolf pack. I think fans will be really satisfied.”

Though fans were no doubt satisfied with sneak peeks of both Fanning as Jane and the shirtless wolf pack, much of the trailer had been previously released. A scene in which Edward (Robert Pattinson) abandons Bella in the woods was part of the first trailer that debuted earlier this year at the MTV Movie Awards. Another scene, in which Jacob teaches Bella to ride a motorcycle, was screened during the 2009 Comic-Con, while a shot of Jacob comforting Bella was part of a 14-second teaser trailer released Tuesday.

In fact, little of fan-favorite Pattinson was seen in the clips, whose appearances in the sequel rely largely on Bella’s “hallucinations” after he abandons her.

No word yet on whether this trailer will be released officially in English anytime soon, but a new “New Moon” trailer will debut this weekend before screenings of Summit’s battle-of-the-bands flick “Bandslam,” starring Vanessa Hudgens.

‘New Moon’ Wolf Kiowa Gordon Talks About The Pack

Photo: MTV News

Photo: MTV News

Article Source: by Larry Carroll

WESTWOOD, California — These days, the “Twilight” family is expanding so rapidly that you’d think the OctoMom was running this saga. With casting already underway for “Eclipse,” fans are getting their first in-person peeks at “New Moon” newcomers like Jamie Campbell Bower and Kiowa Gordon — both of whom were introduced to Twilighters recently during Comic-Con festivities in San Diego.

Thursday night, we caught up with Gordon at the red-carpet premierof the new Vanessa Hudgens flick “Bandslam.” In his first-ever interview with MTV, the rookie actor was eager to talk about hanging with Taylor Lautner’s wolf pack, the “surreal” experience of meeting Twilighters, and offer a preview of his call of the wild.

MTV: Give us your breakdown of the character, as we’ll see him in the movie.

Kiowa Gordon: I am Embry Call; he’s a Native-American. He lives on his res, and he goes into a transformation which freaks him out completely. He turns into a wolf. So he gets some extra baggage going there — and then he saves humans from vampires, basically.

MTV: Break down the wolf pack for us.

Gordon: Alright, the head is Sam Uley — he’s played by Chaske Spencer, who is a great guy. He’s the leader of the pack, he runs us and helps us go through our phase. Next is Jared — he transforms next, and he’s the fun boy, the jokester. He’s played by Bronson Pelletier, and he’s a funny guy too — he’s awesome, we became really close. And Alex Meraz plays Paul — he’s the hotheaded, ferocious guy that always wants to be in the middle of the action, and he’s the go-to guy if Sam needs something taken care of.

MTV: And how about yourself?

Gordon: Jacob’s really weirded out that I joined this cult of shirtless Natives. [We] thought that Paul, Jared, and Sam were just these [egotistical] guys that thought so highly of themselves and called themselves the protectors of the tribe, and I’m just the shy, lanky kid. Then Jacob sees me [join them] and he’s like, “Wow, I’ve lost a friend,” but that’s really not the case; we can’t tell Jacob or other Quileutes about our transformations until they have transformed themselves. Then, next in line is Jacob of course, and he’s so natural to it; his wolf is stronger than like any other one.

MTV: You and some other “New Moon” stars were exposed to the public for the first time at Comic-Con. How was that?

Gordon: Yeah, I went to the Comic-Con for the “Twilight” screenings, and the question- and-answer [sessions], and it was crazy. They all started screaming as soon as we walked off the bus; the whole time we were answering questions they just kept screaming and screaming. It was so surreal for me. I’ve also gone to my own things — like I’ve gone to this unity conference out in New Mexico where Native American youths gather and share their tribal affiliations and all that awesome stuff. And [Twilighters were there and] they went crazy.

MTV: Taylor has said that he gets to speak the Native-American language of the tribe a bit in “New Moon.” Do you?

Gordon: No, I would just — we make noises.

MTV: Noises? Can you give us an example?

Gordon: Hopefully I won’t get in trouble for this. But yeah, [there’s a scene where] we get out of the car, and we have to do this call — this signal that we’re home. Me and Jared, we go [he unleashes a loud, yipping noise]. It’s kinda funny. But it’s awesome.

MTV: Wow. And that basically means “Hi Honey, I’m home”?

Gordon: [Laughs.] Yeah!

‘New Moon’ Star Threatens Legal Action Over Leaked Nude Photos

Ashley Greene Photo: Chris Polk/

Ashley Greene Photo: Chris Polk/


Source: Access Hollywood

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — “New Moon” star Ashley Greene is firing back after naked photos of the actress were leaked online Monday.

“The photos in question, which appear to be of our client, are illegal and are being unlawfully displayed. Our client intends to take legal action,” a spokesperson for the actress said in a statement to Access Hollywood.

VIEW THE PHOTOS: Teen Choice Awards 2009

The racy photos, which appear to show the “New Moon” star topless and, in another, fully nude, appeared online one day after Ashley picked up the Choice Fresh Face Female award at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.

Overall, it was a big night for Ashley, 22, and her “Twilight” cohorts, as they took home 11 awards altogether.

VIEW THE PHOTOS: ‘Twilight’s’ ‘New Moon’ Cast – Who’s In The Mix?

However, Ashley isn’t the only young star currently caught up in a nude photo scandal.

A set of nude photos of “High School Musical” and “Bandslam” star Vanessa Hudgens circulated online last week. It was the second set of racy photos of the actress to be leaked in the past few years.

New Moon Sneak Peek 2 – Bella and Alice


This footage may be a little shaky at first but trust me, it is worth the look, take a look and see for yourself.

‘New Moon’ Trailer Footage Reveals Plenty of Jacob


Source: by Jean Bentley

Team Jacob will be pleased with the 14 seconds of “New Moon” footage that Summit Entertainment revealed Tuesday morning (August 11). Though the second film in the “Twilight Saga” won’t be released until November 20, the new scenes are from a teaser trailer that will run in front of “Bandslam” this Friday.

While the first teaser, which premiered at the MTV Movie Awards in May, focused on Bella fitting in with Edward’s vampire family, this new one — or at least the tiny portion of it we’ve seen — is all about Jacob.

Apparent in the first shot (and the footage we’ve already seen) is that director Chris Weitz has brought a much more polished aesthetic to Forks, Washington. The veteran director, who took over the series from indie queen Catherine Hardwicke, has retired the handheld cameras and perpetual blue filter of the first installment in favor of steady, sweeping shots.

The teaser opens with a shot of Bella in a clearing, presumably reflecting on the scene we’re about to see — a quick glimpse of Edward leaving her in the woods. The vampire is wearing a particularly sharp-looking blazer as he takes off, which surely makes his departure that much harder on Bella. (Hate to see you go, buddy, but we love to watch you leave.)

Meanwhile, Jacob says, “I know what he did to you. And Bella, I won’t ever hurt you. I promise,” as the trailer transitions to the scene where he dares to mention Edward’s sudden exit. We’re then brought outside to a final scene where we’re treated to a spectacular view of Jacob’s magnificent six-pack and Bella in a comfy-looking green flannel shirt. She could be about to take it off and attempt to do her laundry on those washboard abs. Or not. But she does tell Jacob, “You’re sort of beautiful,” as he brushes a lock of hair behind her ear and gazes at her longingly.

From these few shots — and the way Jacob’s face falters at the end — it’s easy to see how she could fall for the protective werewolf in the absence of her sparkly knight in shining armor. Hopefully, we’ll see the rest of the wolf pack in the pre-“Bandslam” teaser trailer, but there’s still one problem: We haven’t seen the Volturi yet. What are you waiting for, guys?!


Taylor Lautner with Fans Photo: Chris Polk/

Taylor Lautner with Fans Photo: Chris Polk/

Photo: Copyright 2009 Splash News

Photo: Copyright 2009 Splash News

Article Source: ET Online

‘Twilight Saga: New Moon’ fans can now show their love forRobert Pattinson’s and Taylor Lautner’s movie characters with Nordstrom’s new clothing line.

The collection includes ‘Twilight’-inspired tops, tunics and accessories, InStyle magazine reports. One T-shirt reads: “Team Jacob, because Edward bites.” Another top says: “Team Edward, stand by your vampire.”

A Cullen family crest necklace will also be for purchase as well as a Forks High School t-shirt, a top that reads “Bet you can’t read my mind,” and a plaid jacket.

The film fashion line hits Norstrom stores in October.

Is ‘Twilight’ Star Christian Serratos On Team Edward Or Team Jacob?

Photo: MTV News

Photo: MTV News

Article Source: by Larry Carroll

DALLAS — Imagine if you were an actor in the “Twilight” movies. Would you still wear the T-shirts? Would you attend the conventions? Go out of your way to keep up on all the latest details?

If you answered yes, then you’d be Christian Serratos, the 19-year-old “Twilight” saga star who just also happens to be a huge fan of the series. Contradicting her co-star who refuses to wear any “Twilight” stuff, we spoke with Christian atTwiCon between her shopping excursions on the convention floor. In the movies, she’s shy Angela, but in real life, the fun-loving actress was eager to talk “New Moon,” her Team Edward/ Team Jacob dilemma and why technology is stopping her from reading the new “Eclipse” script.

MTV: So, Christian, what is the favorite costume you’ve seen here so far at TwiCon?

Christian Serratos: I thought it was really entertaining when I saw a Harry Potter character. [Laughs.] We were like, “Whoa!”

MTV: There’s also one guy dressed as a Vulcan from “Star Trek,” for some reason.

Serratos: I heard that! I want to see this. I’m interested to see all this craziness. I love all the “Twilight” stuff and all the [fans] that are in clothes and jackets. I have so many “Twilight” T-shirts, it’s ridiculous. I walked out in a “Twilight” sweatshirt one time when I was trying to be incognito with Edi [Gathegi], and we were like, “Why is everyone staring? This is weird, this is more than usual.” And then he was like, “Take off the ‘Twilight’ shirt, Christian!”

MTV: That’s really funny. I always wondered with sports stars, if you were on a baseball team, would you wear their baseball cap when you go out in public? Maybe if you were a rookie?

Serratos: Yeah, well, I’m such a rookie. [Laughs.]

MTV: What do you have in your “Twilight” clothes collection?

Serratos: I have a lot of “Twilight” gear. I love the hoodies that say “vampires” and “werewolves,” but I refuse to get one because I can’t choose; I have to have them both. I have the Team Edward T-shirt, but I also have Team Jacob.

MTV: Why is there no “Team Human” stuff?

Serratos: That’s what I’m saying! I think we should take it into our own hands.

MTV: What kind of merchandise would you like to see for Angela, Mike and the other humans?

Serratos: Probably it would be an imitation of my glasses? … [It would be easy] going to a convention where you have to dress up, and you’re like “Oh, I am dressed up!” “No you’re not!” “Yes I am. I’m a human!”

MTV: OK, so let’s talk “New Moon” a little bit. How was the shoot?

Serratos: Chris [Weitz] was amazing, like, fantastic. I was really happy working with him. We shot in Vancouver [British Columbia], which was a good change from Portland [Oregon]. I love the city Portland, and I’ve been back there since, but in Vancouver the weather was a lot better, and I didn’t wanna die at the end of the day, because it wasn’t extremely cold. I’m excited to go film “Eclipse.” That’s gonna be next month already — they are already cranking it out.

MTV: And they’ll be shooting that in Vancouver as well?

Serratos: Yeah. I haven’t read the script yet. I didn’t bring my laptop with me, so I saw it on my phone — on my e-mail — and I was like, “I wish I could download this as an attachment, but I can’t!”

MTV: How were the re-created sets in Vancouver? Obviously, most of your stuff takes place in the school cafeteria.

Serratos: Yeah, they did a really good job re-creating things. Obviously, we didn’t have the same parking lot and everything. There were a lot of green screens and things. I don’t even know how they do it.

MTV: Was it weird walking into the “new” cafeteria with the other humans?

Serratos: Yeah, because the cafeteria was still a cafeteria. When we walked into that cafeteria, we were like, “We’re in a different country, and it still looks exactly the same!” Like, seriously, they could have just picked it up and dropped it in Vancouver. It looks identical — that was creepy until I got used to it. But the parking lot, that is what was green-screened.

MTV: What did you think of the footage we saw at Comic-Con, of Rob as a “hallucination”?

Serratos: I still haven’t seen it; but I wanted to stay and watch it. Rob’s gonna be in it a lot more [than in the book]. I really love how they did that. It was really clever.

MTV: You seem like you’re as much of a fan as an actor sometimes.

Serratos: Oh, God, yeah. We’re all “Twilight” fans. We all read the books, we all fell in love with the books — and being a part of it is great and everything, but we want to see the footage!

‘Twilight’ Has Taken Over The Teen Choice Awards…No Surprise There.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images


83 Million Votes were cast at this year’s Teen Choice Awards and Twilight was one of the big winners, 11 awards for the phenomenon proving that the Teen world is under the Twilight spell.

Once inside, the awards were presented fast and furious. Lautner, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Justin Chon, Robert Pattinson, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone and Catherine Hardwicke took the stage and braved the shrieks to take home surfboard trophies for Best Drama, Romance, Actor (Pattinson), Actress (Stewart), Villain (Cam Gigandet), Fresh Face Female (Greene), Fresh Face Male (Lautner), Liplock (Stewart and Pattinson) and Rumble (Pattinson and Gigandet). Another highlight came when RPattz and Megan Fox came onstage together to accept their matching Hottie awards.


Peter Facinelli Photo: Chris Polk/

Peter Facinelli Photo: Chris Polk/

Article Source: ET Online

When Peter Facinelli starts rehearsals for ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,’ he and Robert Pattinson and the rest of the gang will be spending a whole week on fight training.

“What happens in ‘Eclipse’ is Victoria comes back and she builds an army of new-born vampires, which are basically new-bitten vampires that are blood-crazed,” Peter tells ET. “She is trying to get this army to come after us so she can get to Bella, so we team up with the werewolves to attack these newly bitten vampires.”

Peter is leaving for rehearsals for the new movie today, and he says that there are two weeks of rehearsals before the fight training, so his wife Jennie Garth and his girls will probably come up to visit.

“I try not to go more than two weeks without seeing the kids,” he says. “That is my general rule. After two weeks, it gets to be too long and the kids are, ‘Who are you?’ I am on ‘Eclipse’ for three months. I will go back and forth. I am going to have them come up for the fight training so they can see what dad does.”

The 35-year-old actor says he considers the ‘Twilight’ cast his second family: “We are really like a family off and on set. I love each and every one of the cast members like they are my kids.”

As soon as ‘Eclipse’ wraps, Peter will start shooting the second season of his Showtime series, “Nurse Jackie.”

“What is fun for me is to play two characters that have the same occupation, but they are 180 degrees apart,” he tells ET.

“Nurse Jackie” airs Monday at 10:30 p.m. ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ opens in theaters on November 20, 2009.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s Night Out

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s Night Out

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart  Photo: Chris Polk/

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Photo: Chris Polk/

Article Source: ET Online

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted out together in L.A. on Thursday night, just days before they begin filming ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.’

Rob and Kristen enjoyed a Bobby Long concert in Beverly Hills, watching from the privacy of a veiled area on stage, says After the show, a cab spirited them off into the night.

‘Eclipse,’ the third chapter in the ‘Twilight’ saga, is scheduled to begin production on August 17. Meanwhile, the saga’s eagerly anticipated second film, ‘New Moon,’ rises in theaters on Nov. 20.

ET Talks to ‘The Twilight Saga’ Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg

ET Talks to ‘The Twilight Saga’ Screenwriter

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Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Article Source: ET Online

‘The Twilight Saga’ continues this fall with the release of ‘New Moon,’ while ‘Eclipse’ will begin filming this month. ET caught up with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who also is the head writer for “Dexter,” to talk about what fans can expect from the next two movies.

ET: What can you tell us about ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse’?

Melissa Rosenberg: It becomes bigger in scope. The first film was really a small romance in a way. There was the battle with James (Cam Gigandet) at the end. That was as big as it got. With ‘New Moon,’ we have the werewolf clan, we have the Vulturi — and in ‘Eclipse,’ there is an epic battle, so with every book, with every episode of the movie, it gets grander in scope, which is fun to write. What was great about that, too, is with the small story and the characters … to be able to grow with it and track it through, it has really been a great pleasure.

ET: Are you writing for the chemistry between Robert Pattinsonand Kristen Stewart?

Melissa Rosenberg: When I wrote ‘Twilight,’ I didn’t know who was starring in it, so I wrote in a vacuum. There was some rewriting that had to be done when we knew who they were, because I had started with more of a comedic edge and it wasn’t appropriate for those actors and the tone. I lean toward the dark comedy, witness “Dexter.” So, going into ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse,’ I knew who I was writing for. I knew who the characters were and what their voices were. It got even easier with ‘Eclipse.’ [Author] Stephenie Meyer‘s created the character’s chemistry; and those two actors brought so much chemistry. I don’t think the movies would have been so successful without those two actors and their chemistry. ‘Twilight’ was beautifully cast.

ET: What was the set of ‘New Moon’ like?

Melissa Rosenberg: ‘New Moon’ was one of the happiest sets I have ever been on. The guy who picked me up, said, “This is a great set. [Director] Chris Weitz is a genius. It is so wonderful.” I was, “Okay, dude, you are overselling.” But I got on the set and it was just delightful. You can tell when it is uncomfortable and they are not connecting. Chris Weitz is just a Zen master. I went to him and I was, “You are so cool and calm. And everyone is so cool and calm.” He said, “You have no idea what it is going to cost me.” My husband is a director and I know what it costs him. You have to tamp down every ounce of panic and frustration in order to project this calmness. I hope Chris got a good vacation between production and post.

ET: What do you think of the recasting of Rachelle Lefevre?

Melissa Rosenberg: I love Rachelle, but Bryce Dallas Howard? It was a shame, but I think Rachelle will go on to do brilliant things. I just love her. I am sure Bryce will be great.

ET: There is a fourth book. Will the franchise continue?

Melissa Rosenberg: I can’t imagine Summit letting that go. Right now we are focused on ‘Eclipse.’ We are just about to start. I imagine there will be discussions.

‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ opens in theaters on November 20, 2009.

‘Twilight’ Vs ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: CW Entertainment

Photo: CW Entertainment

Source: ET Online

Vampires have never been more popular on-screen with ‘The Twilight Saga’ on the big screen, and “True Blood” on HBO. This fall, The CW enters the preternatural competition with “The Vampire Diaries,” based on the eponymous series of books by author L.J. Smith.

So how do the two vampire leading men stack up against each other? ET asked Paul Wesley, who plays Stefan Salvatore in “The Vampire Diaries,” if his character would win in a fight with ‘Twilight”s Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson).

“I don’t know enough about Edward Cullen, so I don’t know what his abilities are,” admits Wesley. “I think that is up to the viewer to decide once they start watching the show.”

Wesley goes on to say that he purposely didn’t watch the movie prior to shooting the pilot for his series, because he didn’t want it to influence his performance in anyway considering the similarity in subject matter.

“And now, I’ve seen parts of it,” he says. “I think if there are similarities to Robert Pattinson’s character in ‘Twilight,’ so be it.”

Exec producer Kevin Williamson also admits that “the premise is the same: you know, girl meets vampire. But what L.J. Smith did was once you get past that premise … when you read the first book … I was like, ‘No way. This is ‘Twilight.’ But when I got to the second book, you start to realize, ‘Oh, my God. Boy, this is a fork in the road. It really does separate.’ So we’re getting to that fork in the road really quick. And we’re really sort of telling the story about a small town, all darkness that lies underneath this town and how this vampire comes to town and sort of stirs it all up.”

One difference between ‘Twilight’ and “The Vampire Diaries” is the budget. Since the latter is a series, the producers had to come up with an inexpensive way of turning Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, who plays his brother Damon, into vampires.

“I hate cheap effects and I hate when it gets really cheesy and you don’t really have really money or the time to do things to any sort of big budget scale — and everybody who is watching this show has seen what you can do with $150 million on a feature film,” Williamson says. “So it’s kind of hard. We want to do something a little more subtle and just keep it to some sort of, like, biological sort of physiological response, so when they get excited we just sort of see the blood rush under the skin, pales their face out a little bit, but it all goes to the eye and they kind of have these bloody eyes. And then, of course, they have teeth.”

“The Vampire Diaries” premieres Thursday, Sept. 10 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

‘Twilight’ Cast To Attend Teen Choice 2009

Photo: ABC Family

Photo: ABC Family

Source: ET Online

The “Teen Choice 2009” is rapidly approaching and the wildly popular cast of ‘Twilight’ will appear on the two-hour special, ET confirms.

‘Twilight’ actors Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz are all set to attend the Fox awards show, hosted by the Jonas Brothers. The cast of Fox’s new comedy “Glee” will also be appearing on the show.

Other big names to show up on August 10 include: Megan Fox, David Beckham, Chace Crawford, Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian and Zac Efron. Teen sensation Miley Cyrus will perform her newest single, “Party in the U.S.A.”

The “Teen Choice 2009” will air on Fox Monday, August 10.

Stephenie Meyer Accused Of Plagiarizing Novel For ‘Breaking Dawn’

Source: MTV News by Gil Kaufman

There are some things you can always count on in one of today’s modern vampire novels: a breathless, cross-species love affair, bone-breaking lovemaking, lots of smoldering eyes and buckets of spilled blood. But, according to TMZ, an author named Jordan Scott claims she saw a few too many similarities between her 2006 vamp tale, “The Nocturne,” and “Twilight” scribe Stephenie Meyer’s 2008 book,“Breaking Dawn.”

In a cease-and-desist letter obtained by the site, Scott’s publisher claims the fourth book in the “Twilight” series has “striking and substantial” similarities to “The Nocturne,” part of a trilogy that 21-year-old musician/author Scott began writing when she was 15.

The letter claims there are a number of coincidences in the plotlines of the books, including a wedding, a post-wedding sex scene, a woman becoming sick because she’s carrying a child with “evil powers” and the death of a main character. The letter from a lawyer for Scott also claims that “both the ideas and in many instances the text” of the two books are very similar.

Among the examples of the similarities is a scene in which a main character is ill from carrying a child with dark powers. In Scott’s book, the description reads in part, “Her face was so pale, it was frightening; and there were beads of sweat pouring down her forehead. She couldn’t even stand, she was so weak. … She was violently ill, vomiting and scarcely able to catch her breath.”

In the allegedly similar scene in “Dawn,” Meyer writes: “Most of her dark hair was pulled away from her face into a messy knot, but a few strands stuck limply to her forehead and neck, to the sheen of sweat that covered her skin. There was something about her fingers and wrists that looked so fragile it was scary. She was sick. Very sick.”

The dozen examples given by Scott’s lawyer display some general similarities in tone and setting common to vampire tales, but, according to TMZ, an unnamed representative for Meyer dismissed the accusation. “The claim that ‘Breaking Dawn’ by Stephenie Meyer somehow infringes on an alleged book by someone named Jordan Scott is completely without merit. Neither Stephenie Meyer nor her representatives had any knowledge of this writer or her supposed book prior to this claim.”

Spokespeople for Scott and Meyer could not be reached for comment at press time.

‘New Moon’ Director Chris Weitz Says Taylor Lautner ‘Embodied’ Jacob – Movie News Story | MTV Movie News

‘New Moon’ Director Chris Weitz Says Taylor Lautner ‘Embodied’ Jacob – Movie News Story | MTV Movie News

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Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Source: MTV News by Larry Carroll

SAN DIEGO — Chris Weitz made big news when hestepped in for Catherine Hardwicke as director on the second “Twilight” film. Over the months, and recently at Comic-Con, the fans have come to embrace him with as much affection as they did his predecessor.

As Weitz gets back to work editing November’s “New Moon,” we caught up with him to discuss such key fan issues as a Stephenie Meyer cameo, Dakota Fanning’s evil ways and Taylor Lautner’s abs.

MTV: Chris, “New Moon” has a lot of disparate elements. You need to portray a love that’s Shakespearean, like “Romeo and Juliet,” but at the same time do action scenes and car chases, and at the same time do effects work with werewolves and vampires. Which is the hardest, and how are you dealing with it?

Chris Weitz: The hardest thing to do is to blend all these elements into one thing that seems like a coherent whole. We [need to make sure we] don’t just stop for the action sequence or stop and have the audience say, “Oh, what a great special effect!” You want it to be a complete, seamless experience in which the emotions of the characters are what’s foremost. The hardest thing, but also the most enjoyable thing, is working with actors. You can control everything else, except the weather — what really matters is the characters and the feelings that they evoke in the readers of the book. It’s the hardest stuff, but it’s also the stuff that makes it the most satisfying when you get it right.

MTV: In last year’s “Twilight” movie, Stephenie Meyer had a cameo that the fans really loved. Will we see her in “New Moon”?

Weitz: You have to look very carefully for it. No, she doesn’t actually. If she had asked, I would have definitely put her in. But I think that she may have decided against experiencing that again, because frankly, to be an extra in a movie or a day player is a lot of sitting around. People don’t realize the sheer tedium that a movie set embodies; she was probably like, “Well, I’ll sit this one out.”

MTV: We all remember that there was a lot of drama around whether Taylor would return for “New Moon.” How close did he come to not being asked back?

Weitz: When I first met with him, I took off my shirt and I said, “You’ve got two months to look this good.” And he said, “I’m willing to try that.” Finally, he came back, and the results were just about as good as my abs. [Laughs.]

MTV: You must have a real six-pack.

Weitz: To answer your question seriously, the character in the second book is meant to be 6-foot-5, let alone transform into a werewolf and all that stuff. And Taylor, having only done three days of work in the first [movie], it was time to take a pause and say, “Should Taylor go ahead and do it?” My overwhelming feeling was, “Yes, absolutely, let’s go forward with it.” To me, it wasn’t a very difficult decision. For Taylor, it wasn’t difficult at all. He knew the character, and he embodied the character — as people are going to see in the movie. So it wasn’t really as tense and as scary a moment as it was portrayed in the media.

MTV: What can you tell us about Dakota Fanning’s performance as the evil vampire Jane?

Weitz: Well, it’s the scariest performance probably you’ve seen out of her so far, because she’s evil for once in her career. I think she really appreciated the chance to do that.

MTV: Yeah, she must turn that “adorable Dakota Fanning” thing on its ear.

Weitz: Absolutely. But what you expect from Dakota Fanning is uncannily grown-up, experienced and clever acting — and that’s what she did. I think she was just keen to do this part and to be part of the franchise, and she is genuinely scary.

MTV: Fans at Comic-Con saw a few brief shots of “apparition” Edward. What was your thought process as you reinterpreted Bella’s feelings of his presence?

Weitz: I would best describe him [in the movie] as an image that represents Bella’s sense of self-protection and her love for Edward. Really, it’s very subjective to Bella’s experience. It’s our filmic way of representing what Stephenie describes in this book, which is hearing his voice. It’s ephemeral and very subtle. We didn’t want to hit things over the head. The thing to describe him best is a flame-like apparition … very subtle and elegant. That’s what we’re aiming for.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Reveals Crush on Robert Pattinson

Jennifer Love Hewitt Reveals Crush on Robert Pattinson

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Copyright 2009 Charley Gallay / Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

Copyright 2009 Charley Gallay / Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images


Source: ET Online

‘Twilight’ super-fan Jennifer Love Hewitt says she would “pass out” if she ever got to meet vampire stud Robert Pattinson.

The “Ghost Whisperer” actress reveals to MTV that she has a huge crush on ‘Twilight’ character Edward Cullen. “Who is not Team Edward? There is not a girl in the world who is not Team Edward,” the actress says excitedly.

“Have you met girls who are not Team Edward? Well, they’re not girls. They’re aliens from another planet who should not be allowed to exist,” Hewitt says jokingly.

“Listen, Edward can fly you through the forest. He’s like ‘Aladdin’ but with vampire teeth,” she says of Pattinson’s character. “He can sing. He can watch you sleep. He plays music. He snips your neck.”

Can we expect to see Hewitt to take on a role in the ‘Twilight’ film series? “I want a part so bad,” she tells MTV. “I will be the vampire who carries Robert Pattinson’s luggage in the airport.”

Hewitt even admits her boyfriend Jamie Kennedy wants a part in the film franchise. “Jamie wants to play a werewolf. …So we’re putting it out there. We’d like to be in one of the ‘Twilight’ movies.”

New Moon Fan Art (Continued)

Fan Art 8

New Moon Fan Art

Some more fan art by me, i think I am getting better at it.

Fan Art 5

Twilight’ Fans: Enter Our ‘Class Of ’09 Shout-Out Search’! – Movie News Story | MTV Movie News

Twilight’ Fans: Enter Our ‘Class Of ’09 Shout-Out Search’! – Movie News Story | MTV Movie News

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Twilight Cast: Photo by Chris Polk/

Twilight Cast: Photo by Chris Polk/

Attention graduating seniors!

During MTV News’ Class of ’09 Week, we’ve celebrated high school graduation season with stories and memories of graduation from some of your favorite celebrities — including “Twilight” star Cam Gigandet — and touched on some key cultural milestones for this group of seniors. One of the biggest milestones is, of course, “Twilight.” With that said, we’re still looking for video of YOU representing for your senior peers in our “Class of ’09 Shout-Out Search,” so we’re upping the stakes by giving you a chance to see the “Twilight” cast members! Interested yet?

It’s simple: we want graduating seniors to shout out to the Class of ’09 with a video message on Tell us about your own hopes and dreams, what you think the makes the class of ’09 rock, just say “best of luck!” … any or all of above. Play it straight, spit some rhymes, act it out as a “Twilight” character — do it yourway. The video we decide is the most fun, interesting and original is the winner!

That winner will be announced on Sunday, June 28, in Forks, Washington, by MTV News’ own Larry Carroll, who is well-known to “Twilight” fans everywhere. Why him, why then, and why there? Well, get this: Larry will be giving the valedictory address at a special “Twilight”-themed graduation happening at the real Forks H.S. (a very special place to all Twi-hards).

For maximum Class of ’09 drama, he’ll announce our winner during his valedictorian speech to the entire town! People will cheer, “Twilight” tribute bands will play songs, and we’ll capture it all — and that’s not even the grand prize!

The winner of our “Class of ’09 Shout-Out Search” will be flown (with a guest) to Dallas at the end of July for Twi-Con, one of the most awesome Twilight conventions of the year, and will get to see the cast! And, of course, the winning video will also appear on, and may even air on MTV!

Want to enter? Just go to to create a user account and upload your video (up to three minutes in length). The deadline is 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday, June 26, so hurry!


Robert Pattinson Hit by a Taxi(US Magazine)

Photo: Copyright 2009 Splash News

Photo: Copyright 2009 Splash News

Source: Us Magazine

Robert Pattinson was clipped by a cab Thursday in Manhattan, but he was unharmed.

The 23-year-old actor, who is currently shooting the drama Remember Me, was leaving a bookstore when a crowd of teenage girls began gathering around him.

As rain poured down, a team of five security guards tried to rush the star back to his trailer, but the girls “were hysterical,” forcing Rob to dash across the busy street, RadarOnline reports.

A cab then slightly grazed Pattinson as the driver slammed on the brakes.

According to Radar, Pattinson, who walked away from the accident uninjured, looked stunned and a bodyguard yelled: “You see what you did, you almost killed him!”

But a spokeswoman for the Summit film production company “Rob Pattinson is fine. The reports are exaggerated, and it was not caused by fans.”

Fan Art Continued

Fanart By Me, Image Credits: Nylon Mag, Chris Polk/Polkimaging, Vanity Fair.Com,, Summit Entertainment

Fanart By Me, Image Credits: Nylon Mag, Chris Polk/Polkimaging, Vanity Fair.Com,, Summit Entertainment

Fan Art by ME!

I hope you like it!

Fan Art Made By ME!

Fan Art Made By ME!

Robert Pattinson: Sexy On The Set (ET Online)

Photo: Copyright 2009 Splash News

Photo: Copyright 2009 Splash News

ET has a new pic of ‘Twilight’ heartthrob Robert Pattinson on the set of his new film ‘Remember Me.’

The film — scheduled to hit theaters February 12 of next year — follows two lovers who are coping with their family tragedies as their newfound love affair progresses.

Pattinson plays the character of Tyler Roth in ‘Remember Me.’

The latest installment in the ‘Twilight’ film series, ‘New Moon,’ is set to go to the big screen Nov. 20. For more movie news and exclusives, head over to ETonline’s Summer Movie Guide!

New Moon Trailer Stills (Check Out Photos Page Too)

Bella's B-Day Cake Photo: Summit Entertainment

Bella's B-Day Cake Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Bella's Birthday Party Photo: Summit Entertainment

Bella's Birthday Party Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

These are just some of the trailer stills, to see more, check out my photos tab!

‘Twilight’ Leads Teen Choice Award Nominees – News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News

‘Twilight’ Leads Teen Choice Award Nominees – News Story | Music, Celebrity, Artist News | MTV News

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Twilight Cast: Photo by Chris Polk/

Twilight Cast: Photo by Chris Polk/

Yeah, that’s right. Twilight is leading the pack with 12 nominations for this year’s Teen Choice awards. The vampire flick scored 12 total nominations, including nods for Drama, Romance and Actor and Actress in a Drama. The show airs on Monday, August 10.

The Teen Choice Awards bestow awards for movies, television, music, sports and pop culture views like Male and Female Hottie, Celebrity Pet and Celebrity Baby.

In the Drama movie category, “Twilight” will compete against “Angels & Demons,” “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” “Obsessed” and “Slumdog Millionaire.” In Romance, the film will do battle with “Australia,” “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” “He’s Just Not That Into You” and “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.” “Twilight” vampire Robert Pattinson vies for Actor in a Drama against Hugh Jackman, Dev Patel, Brad Pitt and Channing Tatum. Pattinson was also nominated in the Male Hottie category. For her portrayal of Bella Swan in “Twilight,” Kristen Stewart will contend with Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Beyoncé and Freida Pinto for Actress in a Drama.

For more on this article, click on the link at the top of the post or below:

New Moon Posters (My Fanmade Collection)

My First Fanmade Poster!

My First Fanmade Poster!

This is my first poster that I did by myself and I didn’t really know how to do it at first but this is the result of my hard work, tell me what you think.

‘Twilight’ Sequel ‘New Moon’ Will Be Dark And ‘Spectacular’ – Movie News Story | MTV Movie News

‘Twilight’ Sequel ‘New Moon’ Will Be Dark And ‘Spectacular’ – Movie News Story | MTV Movie News

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Twilight Cast: Photo by Chris Polk/

Twilight Cast: Photo by Chris Polk/

With werewolves, motorcycles, Italy and cliff-diving, the cast and crew have their work cut out for them.

Article ByLarry Carroll

And so, the lion fell in love with the lamb. But as $70.5 million worth of moviegoers watched the closing scenes of “Twilight” this past weekend, one thought unavoidably filled their love-struck minds: Where do Edward, Bella and all the other undead denizens of Forks go from here?

As Twilighters are all too happy to point out, author Stephenie Meyer has already penned three smash sequels to her intimate ode to human-immortal romance. The first, “New Moon,” got the green light for production this past weekend, less than 24 hours after “Twilight” began breaking box-office records. The best-selling sequel tells a decidedly darker story that has Bella receiving a nasty paper cut, getting attacked by one of her potential in-laws and becoming an adrenaline junkie while an in-hiding Edward teeters on the edge of suicide. (Read our “New Moon” wish list and add your own in the MTV Movies Blog.)

“It’s got werewolves, it’s got visual effects that turn people into werewolves, it’s got motorcycle stunts, you go to Italy. It’s probably twice as much as this [to film],” “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke explained when we asked her about the sequel just before “Twilight” opened.

Although the novel greatly reduces Edward’s presence, Robert Pattinson insists that “New Moon” is the installment he loves best. “I’m looking forward to doing the re-emergence … at the end of the second book, when he’s killing himself,” the star said when we spoke with him last week. “I think that’d be kind of spectacular seeing that. And the second book is my favorite book, so I’m quite looking forward to doing it.”

And as the final shot in “Twilight” promises, hell hath no fury like a woman who just lost her man. Luckily, the producers of the “Twilight” films were smart enough to sign Rachelle LefevreEdi Gathegi and their soon-to-be-far-more-important co-starTaylor Lautner for both “New Moon” and the potential third film “Eclipse.”

For more on this article, click the link at the top of this post or this one below;

‘True Blood’ Challenges ‘Twilight’ To A Vamp-Off

'True Blood' Stars and 'Twilight' Stars Photo Courtesy of

'True Blood' Stars and 'Twilight' Stars Photo Courtesy of


Source: MTV. com posted by MTV Blogger Jocelyn Vena on June 11th, 2009

This weekend, “True Blood” makes its way back onto our TV sets and with all these blood-suckers surrounding us now — thanks to the HBO show, “Twilight” and the forthcoming “Vampire Diaries” — we really need one big vamp-off! (Oh, did we forget to mention there’s rumors of a “Buffy” movie remake?)

Recently two of “True Blood’s” stars spoke to Interview magazine and weighed in on whether or not the vampires of their show could ever live together in a perfect little vampire universe. Check out their answers after the jump.

One of the show’s cast, Mehcad Brooks, gave his thumbs up at the idea of a union: “Of course. It’s not like the democrats and the republicans. ‘Twilight’ is amazing. Jackson Rathbone and Edi Gathegi from the film are friends. But I think our vamps are the ones the adults watch when they tuck the kiddies into their ‘Twilight’ sheets and knickers.”

And, he even described what that “vamp-off” would be like: “We could always have a ‘vamp-off’ which was very common in 15th century Wallachia and current day New Orleans,” Mehcad said. “But my prediction is after a couple rounds they’d be begging for their undead mothers.”

Meanwhile, “True Blood” star Valerie Cruz gave a nay to the idea: “I don’t know…I think maybe the ‘True Blood’ vampires would be jealous of the ‘Twilight’ vampires for being so sparkly and shiny in the sun…they are the supermodels of the vampire world…and I think that we have all seen that supermodels and humans have difficulties with peaceful coexistence…a la the Naomi episodes.”

So what does her version of a”vamp-off” look like? “I think it would a little like the rumble in ‘West Side Story’…with lots of hair product and fancy dance numbers and lots of hot men!  And, yes I think the ‘True Blood’ vampires would definitely crush the sparkly ‘Twilight’ vamps, without question.”

Hmmm, we do wonder what would happen if all these vamps met up at some sort of vampire convention. Maybe we should start trying to make it happen. Who’s with us?

Do you think that the vamps of “True Blood” would get along with the vamps of “Twilight”?

Taylor Lautner: Still Cute and Still Charming Post Twilight

It seems like Taylor is making a great transition post Twilight. He has a new movie Grown Ups 2 coming out soon and he has just been in chill mode ever since. He recently snagged Best Shirtless Performance at this year’s MTV Movie Awards, congrats to him, and is now out promoting his new movie. He seems to be adjusting to life really well and I hope that things workout for him. He said sayonara to the shirtless scenes and millions of girls will be upset by that. Just know Taylor, among all the Robsten hoopla, you are still in my heart, despite the non shirtless scenes.



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The Twihards Boycotted This Year’s MTV Movie Awards

In case you were living under a rock this past Sunday, you know the MTV Movie Awards aired that night. If you are a Twihard, like me, you were watching Breaking Dawn Part Two along with the rest of the Twihard Universe. This boycott came with the MTV diss that Twilight was only nominated for one award this year. Congratulations to Taylor Lautner for winning Best Shirtless Performance and we love you dearly. From my point of view, it was about a fan base who dedicated themselves to a Saga and MTV welcomed that saga into their network for 4 years just threw us out the door like we didn’t even matter. The same thing happened to the Harry Potter Fans, known as Potterheads, when they were in their final chapter. We felt used and abused by MTV and we weren’t going to stand for it. So thanks to the people at Twilight Poison and, suggested that we boycott the Awards show and all pop in our BDP2 DVDs and tweet with the hashtag #BreakingDawnPart2Night on Twitter. The hashtag stayed above the MTV Movie Awards hashtag the entire time. There were reports that MTV had lost over half their viewers that night. In an article by MTV before the boycott was initiated, called the Twihard fanbase ‘brainless viewers’. Yeah, that’s what you say to a worldwide fanbase to keep them tuned in, way to go MTV! Well these brainless viewers kept your sorry ratings up for the last years. You took away our right to give Twilight the proper sendoff that we wanted it to have so we gave it our own. Some of you reading may think it’s ridiculous and crazy and the most of us are a bunch of insane teenagers obsessed over what  you guys think are stupid movies and books. You’d be surprised how much of us are much older. I always say that “Imagination is the key to loving The Twilight Saga.” It helps us Twihards escape from reality, to feel what those characters feel, to experience true love, sacrifice and to fight for what and who we love. We don’t ask you to like Twilight and we aren’t going to force you to like it either but don’t criticize us if you haven’t read the books because then your opinions are totally irrelevant. Image

Will Smith Signs Up for “Focus” while Kristen Stewart drops out

That’s right Kristen is dropping out of the movie Focus. Sources say that she left the film because she worried the age difference would be too much. Will Smith recently signed on to play her on screen love interest. I think that what Kristen did was a very classy move. I think if you don’t feel right about a project you are doing for any reason, you should drop out of it instead of pretending like you want to be there. I will still be excited to see the Fresh Prince on the big screen again but good luck to you Kristen.

Kristen Stewart(Now) Photo: Chris Polk/

Kristen Stewart(Now) Photo: Chris Polk/

The Twilight Trio Back Out of Final Conventions, According to E News Article



Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Opt Out of Upcoming Twilight Conventions

Robert Pattinson, Kristen StewartKevin Winter/Getty Images

File this one under things we saw coming.

Twi-hards hoping to see Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart at their upcoming Twilight conventions will have to cut their losses. 

The estranged off-screen couple andTaylor Lautner have opted out of attending the final four official Twilightconventions on the weekends of August 25 (San Antonio), September 29 (Detroit), October 5 (Parsippany, NJ), and November 3 (Los Angeles), according

The Complete History of Robsten From Twilight to Her Snow White Hookup

“The passion and dedication of Twilight fandom has been amazing and we’re out to throw one last giant convention, a final gathering to see old friends that have made up theTwilight family,” Creation Entertainment told the site. “Although Rob, Kristen and Taylor will not be with us this time out we will have a super lineup of other Twilight stars and the weekend will be filled with special events, movie prop and costume displays, contests, panels, auctions, parties, exclusive merchandise, music and much more, including some surprises!”

Stewart hasn’t been seen out in public since her relationship with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director was revealed.  

Pattinson, who holed up at Reese Witherspoon’s Ojai, Calif., home after the scandal,reemerged this week to promote his new flick Cosmopolis, which scored at the box office this weekend.

The famed Twilight vamp has yet to answer any questions related to Stewart and their relationship. 

Take a look at Robert Pattinson’s looks post-Kristen Stewart scandal


Jodie Foster Speaks Out In Defense For Kristen Stewart

Jodie Foster, who played Kristen’s character’s mother in the movie Panic Room, is voicing her opinion on how the media and the public are treating her after allegations of cheating on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson. To sum it all up, basically, she is saying leave Kristen alone and personally I agree. The media and the public are judging this 22 year old rising actress too harshly when there are other famous people before her who have actually cheated and they were never scrutinized as much as Kristen is being right now. It seems to me they are placing the blame on the WRONG PERSON. Why is everything always on the woman when THE MAN is just as much to blame? Kristen is getting much more hate and media attention than anyone I’ve ever seen. Even Robert Pattinson says “don’t believe everything you read” , tabloids aren’t
Hcredible magazines and are only used to start trouble in a perfectly good relationship like Rob and Kristen’s.  I will never believe that she cheated or would cheat on Rob unless she said it herself and I doubt that she did do it. I know that tabloids don’t care about the reputations of young stars like Kristen and only care about making money. Jodie is right on the money on this one and I support Kristen and will never leave her as a fan of her acting and this will get better for her. Love you Rob and Kristen and you guys will be stronger than ever after this bullshit passes.

Scenes I Want To See In Breaking Dawn Part 2


The new stills from EW for Breaking Dawn Part Two are here! 





I can’t believe that Twilight is almost over (tear)! Things I am looking forward to seeing in the final installment of the franchise is Bella being a vampire. This is the most anticipated thing I think everyone wants to see. She has wanted this for so long that once she has changed that all becomes natural to her.  The next thing is Renesmee. She is the adorable little girl of Bella and Edward and has special abilities just like her supernatural parents . Others things are like the battle scene between the Cullens and the Volturi and when Bella finds out that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. This is the last time they will all be together in one place…what scenes would you like to see?  (all photos are property of Summit Entertainment )






Kristen Stewart is NOT a Bad Person

These past few weeks have been pure hell for Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and the whole twilight fandom. Here is what I think about the whole situation. I don’t believe anything the media says about her and Robert. Unless

Photo: Summit Entertainment

I hear it out of their mouths then it isn’t true. Pictures can be photoshopped and ‘sources’ could be some random person off the street. I hope that Rob and Kristen are finding peace and are able to work things out in privacy. I will never forgive the media for ruining this fairy tale romance. Kristen has proven herself worthy as an actress even before Twilight and long after it is over. Do not judge this wonderful person based on some scheme someone conjured up. If anyone needs to be in trouble, It is the married man involved.