Movie Awards Story | ‘Twilight’ Fans Still Hyperventilating Over ‘New Moon’ Trailer – Show Story | Headlines | MTV

Movie Awards Story | ‘Twilight’ Fans Still Hyperventilating Over ‘New Moon’ Trailer – Show Story | Headlines | MTV

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The trailer has aired about a week ago and fans are still amazed and impressed with the trailer for the anticipated sequel to ‘Twilight’, ‘New Moon’. I have this trailer posted in one of my posts so I could keep watching it whenever I want and the part where Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner, shapeshifts into his wolf form is awesome! November 20th is too long to wait for this movie but I guess we will have to.

One MTV User in this article has watched the trailer so much to the point she has it memorized.

“I’ve watched the trailer so many times, I have it memorized,” MTV reader MissyTwilighter32109 wrote. “[It was] better than I thought it would be. I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL NOVEMBER 20th. It seems like they finally got it right this time.”

Two Twilight fans are still intoxicated by the premiere of this amazing ‘New Moon’ Trailer.

“OMG. I am still freaking out and have not come down from the high I felt watching the new trailer,” NessieCullen wrote.

“WOW! I cannot stop watching it. And every time, I get goose bumps. I love everything! Especially Jacob!” Garrettbw echoed the praise.

It looks like Robert Pattinson isn’t the only hottie in this movie. Think he will have some competition in this film. It looks the ‘New Moon’ Trailer has exceeded the expectations of its greatest fans. These Twilighters below and me agree that the November 20th can’t come soon enough.

Twilightgirl2316 is also on Team Jacob. “Jacob looks SO hot. I stopped breathing!!!!! The wolf looks amazing, just like I pictured. I don’t want to wait until November. It’s not fair!!!”

“I [was] slightly concerned with how it will compare to the book, but once I saw Taylor Lautner burst into a CGI wolf, I [was] hooked!!” Munkygirl23 wrote.

For more on this article, check out the link posted above the video for the ‘New Moon’ Trailer.


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  1. Okay I am not afraid to admit this!!! I have watched this trailor 20 times LOL…I know I am not the only one LOL right?

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