‘New Moon’ Trailer: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I dont know who made this but whoever did, I love this!

I don't know who made this but whoever did, I love this!

The recent buzz about the ‘New Moon’ trailer has put a spell on fans all across America and around the world as well. If you have not seen this trailer, then you are missing out on the preview to the most anticipated sequel of the year to last year’s blockbuster hit, ‘Twilight’. From the looks of it, I think that it will exceed every Twilighter’s expectations and bust the box office wide open.

It also brings up the question, “What side are you on?”  The main focus of this movie would young Jacob Black, which is played by Taylor Lautner, who transforms into a Quileute wolf when trying to save Bella Swan, who is played by Kristen Stewart from a bloodthirsty vampire. Edward, who is played by Robert Pattinson, in his efforts to keep Bella alive, decides to disappear and promises her that she will never see him again.

Not seeing Edward again would make anyone depressed, I’m getting depressed just thinking about it. Since ‘Twilight’ focused on the vampire side, ‘New Moon’ will focus more on the werewolf side, with the growing friendship of Bella and Jacob and it will not only force Bella to choose where her loyalties lie but also the fans who have come love Edward as well.

Where do your loyalties lie?

The ‘New Moon’ will come into theaters on November 20, 2009.


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