Catherine Hardwicke Hopes To Reunite With ‘Twilight’ Stars (MTV News)

‘Twilight’ director says that she can see stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in her next two projects ‘Maximum Ride’ and ‘If I Stay’.

Under the watchful eye and creative mind of director Catherine Hardwicke, “Twilight” stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have gone from virtual unknowns to superstar celebrities. And if Hardwicke has her way, the trio not only have a past and present together, but a future as well.

“There’s a few projects in the future that I hope we get to work together on,” Hardwicke revealed to us on the red carpet of Hollywood Life’s Young Hollywood Awards. “We’ll see.”

Recently, Hardwicke took MTV for a rare tour inside her house, where she cast Stewart and Pattinson after a particularly sultry audition on her bed. And while speaking to us Sunday night, she once again marveled at how far the duo have come since those early days.

“They’ve definitely gotten more and more confident in themselves. Obviously, that day was awkward — to just meet somebody, and then you need to kiss them right then. And especially because Kristen had to kiss three other guys, poor thing,” she laughed. “I think that they’ve become more self-confident and strong with the camera. And they’re just beautiful and blossoming. They’ve always been very deep. They always go deep into their characters and care about it. Their core is the same.”

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