Taylor Lautner: Still Cute and Still Charming Post Twilight

It seems like Taylor is making a great transition post Twilight. He has a new movie Grown Ups 2 coming out soon and he has just been in chill mode ever since. He recently snagged Best Shirtless Performance at this year’s MTV Movie Awards, congrats to him, and is now out promoting his new movie. He seems to be adjusting to life really well and I hope that things workout for him. He said sayonara to the shirtless scenes and millions of girls will be upset by that. Just know Taylor, among all the Robsten hoopla, you are still in my heart, despite the non shirtless scenes.



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The Twihards Boycotted This Year’s MTV Movie Awards

In case you were living under a rock this past Sunday, you know the MTV Movie Awards aired that night. If you are a Twihard, like me, you were watching Breaking Dawn Part Two along with the rest of the Twihard Universe. This boycott came with the MTV diss that Twilight was only nominated for one award this year. Congratulations to Taylor Lautner for winning Best Shirtless Performance and we love you dearly. From my point of view, it was about a fan base who dedicated themselves to a Saga and MTV welcomed that saga into their network for 4 years just threw us out the door like we didn’t even matter. The same thing happened to the Harry Potter Fans, known as Potterheads, when they were in their final chapter. We felt used and abused by MTV and we weren’t going to stand for it. So thanks to the people at Twilight Poison and Spunk-Ransom.com, suggested that we boycott the Awards show and all pop in our BDP2 DVDs and tweet with the hashtag #BreakingDawnPart2Night on Twitter. The hashtag stayed above the MTV Movie Awards hashtag the entire time. There were reports that MTV had lost over half their viewers that night. In an article by MTV before the boycott was initiated, called the Twihard fanbase ‘brainless viewers’. Yeah, that’s what you say to a worldwide fanbase to keep them tuned in, way to go MTV! Well these brainless viewers kept your sorry ratings up for the last years. You took away our right to give Twilight the proper sendoff that we wanted it to have so we gave it our own. Some of you reading may think it’s ridiculous and crazy and the most of us are a bunch of insane teenagers obsessed over what  you guys think are stupid movies and books. You’d be surprised how much of us are much older. I always say that “Imagination is the key to loving The Twilight Saga.” It helps us Twihards escape from reality, to feel what those characters feel, to experience true love, sacrifice and to fight for what and who we love. We don’t ask you to like Twilight and we aren’t going to force you to like it either but don’t criticize us if you haven’t read the books because then your opinions are totally irrelevant. Image

Will Smith Signs Up for “Focus” while Kristen Stewart drops out

That’s right Kristen is dropping out of the movie Focus. Sources say that she left the film because she worried the age difference would be too much. Will Smith recently signed on to play her on screen love interest. I think that what Kristen did was a very classy move. I think if you don’t feel right about a project you are doing for any reason, you should drop out of it instead of pretending like you want to be there. I will still be excited to see the Fresh Prince on the big screen again but good luck to you Kristen.

Kristen Stewart(Now) Photo: Chris Polk/Polkimaging.com

Kristen Stewart(Now) Photo: Chris Polk/Polkimaging.com

The Twilight Trio Back Out of Final Conventions, According to E News Article



Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Opt Out of Upcoming Twilight Conventions

Robert Pattinson, Kristen StewartKevin Winter/Getty Images

File this one under things we saw coming.

Twi-hards hoping to see Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart at their upcoming Twilight conventions will have to cut their losses. 

The estranged off-screen couple andTaylor Lautner have opted out of attending the final four official Twilightconventions on the weekends of August 25 (San Antonio), September 29 (Detroit), October 5 (Parsippany, NJ), and November 3 (Los Angeles), according toZap2it.com.

The Complete History of Robsten From Twilight to Her Snow White Hookup

“The passion and dedication of Twilight fandom has been amazing and we’re out to throw one last giant convention, a final gathering to see old friends that have made up theTwilight family,” Creation Entertainment told the site. “Although Rob, Kristen and Taylor will not be with us this time out we will have a super lineup of other Twilight stars and the weekend will be filled with special events, movie prop and costume displays, contests, panels, auctions, parties, exclusive merchandise, music and much more, including some surprises!”

Stewart hasn’t been seen out in public since her relationship with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director was revealed.  

Pattinson, who holed up at Reese Witherspoon’s Ojai, Calif., home after the scandal,reemerged this week to promote his new flick Cosmopolis, which scored at the box office this weekend.

The famed Twilight vamp has yet to answer any questions related to Stewart and their relationship. 

Take a look at Robert Pattinson’s looks post-Kristen Stewart scandal


Jodie Foster Speaks Out In Defense For Kristen Stewart

Jodie Foster, who played Kristen’s character’s mother in the movie Panic Room, is voicing her opinion on how the media and the public are treating her after allegations of cheating on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson. To sum it all up, basically, she is saying leave Kristen alone and personally I agree. The media and the public are judging this 22 year old rising actress too harshly when there are other famous people before her who have actually cheated and they were never scrutinized as much as Kristen is being right now. It seems to me they are placing the blame on the WRONG PERSON. Why is everything always on the woman when THE MAN is just as much to blame? Kristen is getting much more hate and media attention than anyone I’ve ever seen. Even Robert Pattinson says “don’t believe everything you read” , tabloids aren’t
Hcredible magazines and are only used to start trouble in a perfectly good relationship like Rob and Kristen’s.  I will never believe that she cheated or would cheat on Rob unless she said it herself and I doubt that she did do it. I know that tabloids don’t care about the reputations of young stars like Kristen and only care about making money. Jodie is right on the money on this one and I support Kristen and will never leave her as a fan of her acting and this will get better for her. Love you Rob and Kristen and you guys will be stronger than ever after this bullshit passes.

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Robert Pattinson On ‘Bel Ami’ Sex Scenes

MTV Article By Terri Schwartz, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

While the steamy sex scenes in “Remember Me” (March 12) might seem like a big shock to Robert Pattinson fans used to the chaste kisses seen in the “Twilight Saga,” the 23-year-old Brit said that they are nothing compared to the sex scenes he filmed for the drama “Bel Ami,” due out in 2011.

“There’s a lot of sex in [‘Bel Ami’],” Pattinson warned.

Photo: Copyright 2009 Splash News


Some of the previous rumors surrounding the film’s sex scenes are dubious, but recent reports that say Pattinson will be filming an orgy sequence for the movie all tie back to the fact that there is going to be a lot of explicit sex in “Bel Ami.”

“It’s a totally amoral character,” Pattinson said of the role in an interview with Variety, adding that he’s playing a different kind of character than his fans are used to seeing.

In “Bel Ami,” Pattinson plays journalist George Duroy in an adaptation of the 1885 Guy de Maupassant short story. Duroy climbs the ranks of Parisian society by seducing influential women, particularly Uma Thurman’s Madeleine Forestier and Christina Ricci’s Clotilde de Marelle.

“[The film] is like the complete antithesis of what you normally think period dramas are about,” Pattinson said, explaining that the era, Paris in the 1890s, is what dictates the different views on sex. “In Paris, everybody was just going nuts. It was like the 1980s. Sex was a kind of a weapon and a tool, and it’s odd.”

Pattinson added, “It’s incredibly different. The [sex scenes] in ‘Remember Me’ are pretty tender, and in ‘Bel Ami’ there’s something very mercenary about it in a lot of ways.”