Peter Facinelli Photo: Chris Polk/Polkimaging.com

Peter Facinelli Photo: Chris Polk/Polkimaging.com

Article Source: ET Online

When Peter Facinelli starts rehearsals for ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,’ he and Robert Pattinson and the rest of the gang will be spending a whole week on fight training.

“What happens in ‘Eclipse’ is Victoria comes back and she builds an army of new-born vampires, which are basically new-bitten vampires that are blood-crazed,” Peter tells ET. “She is trying to get this army to come after us so she can get to Bella, so we team up with the werewolves to attack these newly bitten vampires.”

Peter is leaving for rehearsals for the new movie today, and he says that there are two weeks of rehearsals before the fight training, so his wife Jennie Garth and his girls will probably come up to visit.

“I try not to go more than two weeks without seeing the kids,” he says. “That is my general rule. After two weeks, it gets to be too long and the kids are, ‘Who are you?’ I am on ‘Eclipse’ for three months. I will go back and forth. I am going to have them come up for the fight training so they can see what dad does.”

The 35-year-old actor says he considers the ‘Twilight’ cast his second family: “We are really like a family off and on set. I love each and every one of the cast members like they are my kids.”

As soon as ‘Eclipse’ wraps, Peter will start shooting the second season of his Showtime series, “Nurse Jackie.”

“What is fun for me is to play two characters that have the same occupation, but they are 180 degrees apart,” he tells ET.

“Nurse Jackie” airs Monday at 10:30 p.m. ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ opens in theaters on November 20, 2009.


ET Talks to ‘The Twilight Saga’ Screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg

ET Talks to ‘The Twilight Saga’ Screenwriter

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Photo: Summit Entertainment

Photo: Summit Entertainment

Article Source: ET Online

‘The Twilight Saga’ continues this fall with the release of ‘New Moon,’ while ‘Eclipse’ will begin filming this month. ET caught up with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, who also is the head writer for “Dexter,” to talk about what fans can expect from the next two movies.

ET: What can you tell us about ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse’?

Melissa Rosenberg: It becomes bigger in scope. The first film was really a small romance in a way. There was the battle with James (Cam Gigandet) at the end. That was as big as it got. With ‘New Moon,’ we have the werewolf clan, we have the Vulturi — and in ‘Eclipse,’ there is an epic battle, so with every book, with every episode of the movie, it gets grander in scope, which is fun to write. What was great about that, too, is with the small story and the characters … to be able to grow with it and track it through, it has really been a great pleasure.

ET: Are you writing for the chemistry between Robert Pattinsonand Kristen Stewart?

Melissa Rosenberg: When I wrote ‘Twilight,’ I didn’t know who was starring in it, so I wrote in a vacuum. There was some rewriting that had to be done when we knew who they were, because I had started with more of a comedic edge and it wasn’t appropriate for those actors and the tone. I lean toward the dark comedy, witness “Dexter.” So, going into ‘New Moon’ and ‘Eclipse,’ I knew who I was writing for. I knew who the characters were and what their voices were. It got even easier with ‘Eclipse.’ [Author] Stephenie Meyer‘s created the character’s chemistry; and those two actors brought so much chemistry. I don’t think the movies would have been so successful without those two actors and their chemistry. ‘Twilight’ was beautifully cast.

ET: What was the set of ‘New Moon’ like?

Melissa Rosenberg: ‘New Moon’ was one of the happiest sets I have ever been on. The guy who picked me up, said, “This is a great set. [Director] Chris Weitz is a genius. It is so wonderful.” I was, “Okay, dude, you are overselling.” But I got on the set and it was just delightful. You can tell when it is uncomfortable and they are not connecting. Chris Weitz is just a Zen master. I went to him and I was, “You are so cool and calm. And everyone is so cool and calm.” He said, “You have no idea what it is going to cost me.” My husband is a director and I know what it costs him. You have to tamp down every ounce of panic and frustration in order to project this calmness. I hope Chris got a good vacation between production and post.

ET: What do you think of the recasting of Rachelle Lefevre?

Melissa Rosenberg: I love Rachelle, but Bryce Dallas Howard? It was a shame, but I think Rachelle will go on to do brilliant things. I just love her. I am sure Bryce will be great.

ET: There is a fourth book. Will the franchise continue?

Melissa Rosenberg: I can’t imagine Summit letting that go. Right now we are focused on ‘Eclipse.’ We are just about to start. I imagine there will be discussions.

‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ opens in theaters on November 20, 2009.

‘Twilight’ To Recieve Another Accolade(ET Online)


The cast and crew of ‘Twilight’ are adding another award to the five popcorn prizes received at the MTV Movie Awards.

The movie will be recognized as the “film of vision” at the 36th annual Vision Awards, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The ceremony will be held on June 27 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.

The event is put on by the non-profit organization RP International that fights blinding eye diseases.

‘New Moon’ is set to hit theaters Nov. 20.

New Photos: Sizzling Stills from ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ on ET Online(Link Posted Below)

New Photos: Sizzling Stills from ‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’

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