Scenes I Want To See In Breaking Dawn Part 2


The new stills from EW for Breaking Dawn Part Two are here! 





I can’t believe that Twilight is almost over (tear)! Things I am looking forward to seeing in the final installment of the franchise is Bella being a vampire. This is the most anticipated thing I think everyone wants to see. She has wanted this for so long that once she has changed that all becomes natural to her.  The next thing is Renesmee. She is the adorable little girl of Bella and Edward and has special abilities just like her supernatural parents . Others things are like the battle scene between the Cullens and the Volturi and when Bella finds out that Jacob imprinted on Renesmee. This is the last time they will all be together in one place…what scenes would you like to see?  (all photos are property of Summit Entertainment )






New Photos of Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner @ EW Shoot

All Photos Were Taken By Ben Watts for Entertainment Weekly

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Stewart-Lautner3_l

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Kristen-Stewart2_l

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Stewart-Lautner2_l

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Taylor-Lautner3_l

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Taylor-Lautner_l

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Stewart-Lautner_l

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Taylor-Lautner2_l

'New Moon': 9 exclusive pics | Kristen-Stewart_l


All Photos Were Taken By Ben Watts for Entertainment Weekly