Team ‘Slumdog’ vs Team ‘Twilight’: Who Will Come Out on Top?

Tonight on MTV, it is a fight to the finish on who will win Best Movie category. It is the mother of all award battles, who will take the crown? Will it be the magificent Millionaire or will the Vamps take a bite of the popcorn this year? You also have Iron Man, The Dark Knight, and HSM3 but this will be somewhat of a battle and a big upset for one of these two top nominees. 


Its Slumdog vs Twilight for Best Movie Award...Vote Twilight!

It's 'Slumdog' vs 'Twilight' for Best Movie Award...Vote Twilight!


Minor ‘New Moon’ Spoiler Alert


On Yahoo’s entertainment website, they reveal the official ‘New Moon’ poster and a few details about the upcoming sequel. It’s not really a spoiler alert if you have read the book already, you know most of the storyline, so it’s not really a big deal to you and me. It starts your favorites: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. If you would like to see the official poster and the spoiler, you can go to the link below or visit my post below this one which has the official poster. Here’s the link: