‘New Moon’ Wolf Kiowa Gordon Talks About The Pack

Photo: MTV News

Photo: MTV News

Article Source: MTV.com by Larry Carroll

WESTWOOD, California — These days, the “Twilight” family is expanding so rapidly that you’d think the OctoMom was running this saga. With casting already underway for “Eclipse,” fans are getting their first in-person peeks at “New Moon” newcomers like Jamie Campbell Bower and Kiowa Gordon — both of whom were introduced to Twilighters recently during Comic-Con festivities in San Diego.

Thursday night, we caught up with Gordon at the red-carpet premierof the new Vanessa Hudgens flick “Bandslam.” In his first-ever interview with MTV, the rookie actor was eager to talk about hanging with Taylor Lautner’s wolf pack, the “surreal” experience of meeting Twilighters, and offer a preview of his call of the wild.

MTV: Give us your breakdown of the character, as we’ll see him in the movie.

Kiowa Gordon: I am Embry Call; he’s a Native-American. He lives on his res, and he goes into a transformation which freaks him out completely. He turns into a wolf. So he gets some extra baggage going there — and then he saves humans from vampires, basically.

MTV: Break down the wolf pack for us.

Gordon: Alright, the head is Sam Uley — he’s played by Chaske Spencer, who is a great guy. He’s the leader of the pack, he runs us and helps us go through our phase. Next is Jared — he transforms next, and he’s the fun boy, the jokester. He’s played by Bronson Pelletier, and he’s a funny guy too — he’s awesome, we became really close. And Alex Meraz plays Paul — he’s the hotheaded, ferocious guy that always wants to be in the middle of the action, and he’s the go-to guy if Sam needs something taken care of.

MTV: And how about yourself?

Gordon: Jacob’s really weirded out that I joined this cult of shirtless Natives. [We] thought that Paul, Jared, and Sam were just these [egotistical] guys that thought so highly of themselves and called themselves the protectors of the tribe, and I’m just the shy, lanky kid. Then Jacob sees me [join them] and he’s like, “Wow, I’ve lost a friend,” but that’s really not the case; we can’t tell Jacob or other Quileutes about our transformations until they have transformed themselves. Then, next in line is Jacob of course, and he’s so natural to it; his wolf is stronger than like any other one.

MTV: You and some other “New Moon” stars were exposed to the public for the first time at Comic-Con. How was that?

Gordon: Yeah, I went to the Comic-Con for the “Twilight” screenings, and the question- and-answer [sessions], and it was crazy. They all started screaming as soon as we walked off the bus; the whole time we were answering questions they just kept screaming and screaming. It was so surreal for me. I’ve also gone to my own things — like I’ve gone to this unity conference out in New Mexico where Native American youths gather and share their tribal affiliations and all that awesome stuff. And [Twilighters were there and] they went crazy.

MTV: Taylor has said that he gets to speak the Native-American language of the tribe a bit in “New Moon.” Do you?

Gordon: No, I would just — we make noises.

MTV: Noises? Can you give us an example?

Gordon: Hopefully I won’t get in trouble for this. But yeah, [there’s a scene where] we get out of the car, and we have to do this call — this signal that we’re home. Me and Jared, we go [he unleashes a loud, yipping noise]. It’s kinda funny. But it’s awesome.

MTV: Wow. And that basically means “Hi Honey, I’m home”?

Gordon: [Laughs.] Yeah!