Taylor Lautner with Fans Photo: Chris Polk/

Taylor Lautner with Fans Photo: Chris Polk/

Photo: Copyright 2009 Splash News

Photo: Copyright 2009 Splash News

Article Source: ET Online

‘Twilight Saga: New Moon’ fans can now show their love forRobert Pattinson’s and Taylor Lautner’s movie characters with Nordstrom’s new clothing line.

The collection includes ‘Twilight’-inspired tops, tunics and accessories, InStyle magazine reports. One T-shirt reads: “Team Jacob, because Edward bites.” Another top says: “Team Edward, stand by your vampire.”

A Cullen family crest necklace will also be for purchase as well as a Forks High School t-shirt, a top that reads “Bet you can’t read my mind,” and a plaid jacket.

The film fashion line hits Norstrom stores in October.

Is ‘Twilight’ Star Christian Serratos On Team Edward Or Team Jacob?

Photo: MTV News

Photo: MTV News

Article Source: by Larry Carroll

DALLAS — Imagine if you were an actor in the “Twilight” movies. Would you still wear the T-shirts? Would you attend the conventions? Go out of your way to keep up on all the latest details?

If you answered yes, then you’d be Christian Serratos, the 19-year-old “Twilight” saga star who just also happens to be a huge fan of the series. Contradicting her co-star who refuses to wear any “Twilight” stuff, we spoke with Christian atTwiCon between her shopping excursions on the convention floor. In the movies, she’s shy Angela, but in real life, the fun-loving actress was eager to talk “New Moon,” her Team Edward/ Team Jacob dilemma and why technology is stopping her from reading the new “Eclipse” script.

MTV: So, Christian, what is the favorite costume you’ve seen here so far at TwiCon?

Christian Serratos: I thought it was really entertaining when I saw a Harry Potter character. [Laughs.] We were like, “Whoa!”

MTV: There’s also one guy dressed as a Vulcan from “Star Trek,” for some reason.

Serratos: I heard that! I want to see this. I’m interested to see all this craziness. I love all the “Twilight” stuff and all the [fans] that are in clothes and jackets. I have so many “Twilight” T-shirts, it’s ridiculous. I walked out in a “Twilight” sweatshirt one time when I was trying to be incognito with Edi [Gathegi], and we were like, “Why is everyone staring? This is weird, this is more than usual.” And then he was like, “Take off the ‘Twilight’ shirt, Christian!”

MTV: That’s really funny. I always wondered with sports stars, if you were on a baseball team, would you wear their baseball cap when you go out in public? Maybe if you were a rookie?

Serratos: Yeah, well, I’m such a rookie. [Laughs.]

MTV: What do you have in your “Twilight” clothes collection?

Serratos: I have a lot of “Twilight” gear. I love the hoodies that say “vampires” and “werewolves,” but I refuse to get one because I can’t choose; I have to have them both. I have the Team Edward T-shirt, but I also have Team Jacob.

MTV: Why is there no “Team Human” stuff?

Serratos: That’s what I’m saying! I think we should take it into our own hands.

MTV: What kind of merchandise would you like to see for Angela, Mike and the other humans?

Serratos: Probably it would be an imitation of my glasses? … [It would be easy] going to a convention where you have to dress up, and you’re like “Oh, I am dressed up!” “No you’re not!” “Yes I am. I’m a human!”

MTV: OK, so let’s talk “New Moon” a little bit. How was the shoot?

Serratos: Chris [Weitz] was amazing, like, fantastic. I was really happy working with him. We shot in Vancouver [British Columbia], which was a good change from Portland [Oregon]. I love the city Portland, and I’ve been back there since, but in Vancouver the weather was a lot better, and I didn’t wanna die at the end of the day, because it wasn’t extremely cold. I’m excited to go film “Eclipse.” That’s gonna be next month already — they are already cranking it out.

MTV: And they’ll be shooting that in Vancouver as well?

Serratos: Yeah. I haven’t read the script yet. I didn’t bring my laptop with me, so I saw it on my phone — on my e-mail — and I was like, “I wish I could download this as an attachment, but I can’t!”

MTV: How were the re-created sets in Vancouver? Obviously, most of your stuff takes place in the school cafeteria.

Serratos: Yeah, they did a really good job re-creating things. Obviously, we didn’t have the same parking lot and everything. There were a lot of green screens and things. I don’t even know how they do it.

MTV: Was it weird walking into the “new” cafeteria with the other humans?

Serratos: Yeah, because the cafeteria was still a cafeteria. When we walked into that cafeteria, we were like, “We’re in a different country, and it still looks exactly the same!” Like, seriously, they could have just picked it up and dropped it in Vancouver. It looks identical — that was creepy until I got used to it. But the parking lot, that is what was green-screened.

MTV: What did you think of the footage we saw at Comic-Con, of Rob as a “hallucination”?

Serratos: I still haven’t seen it; but I wanted to stay and watch it. Rob’s gonna be in it a lot more [than in the book]. I really love how they did that. It was really clever.

MTV: You seem like you’re as much of a fan as an actor sometimes.

Serratos: Oh, God, yeah. We’re all “Twilight” fans. We all read the books, we all fell in love with the books — and being a part of it is great and everything, but we want to see the footage!